Author: Eric Williams

Second Harvest warehouse staff pose with the most recent AIB Banner.

Jaime Ordway enjoys helping people and appreciates clear criteria. So being in charge of food safety and all that goes into it at Second Harvest is her sweet spot.

“I like standards, and guidelines to live by, across the board,” Jaime said, “and especially when it comes to food and the safety of our communities.” As Business Director – Food Safety & Compliance, Jaime’s job includes developing and implementing the standards and guidelines Second Harvest lives by to make darn sure the food we distribute is safe. Of course, flavor, nutrition, freshness, etc. are all important, but first and foremost the food must be safe.

To that end, Jaime also purposefully roams the entirety of both our Pasco and Spokane facilities, peering into corners and looking behind doors for anything that might jeopardize food safety.

She also prepares the Second Harvest team and premises for our annual audit, conducted by AIB International, the leading certification organization located at Kansas State University. This organization provides training and certifications in food safety, setting the standard for quality and safety. They help companies ensure they’re complying with government regulations, as well as staying up to date with best practices. Jaime received reports from AIB in December and mid-April that both Second Harvest facilities passed with excellent rated scores, after the auditors did on-site inspections and a thorough review of Second Harvest Food Safety Programs. Feeding America purchases an AIB Banner for facilities with excellent ratings, which we display proudly!

That’s important because the AIB stamp of approval is a requirement of all members of Feeding America. And even if it weren’t a Feeding America prerequisite, Jaime said she would insist we undergo an AIB audit each year anyway, because it’s best-practice, and also because it’s a tool Second Harvest’s board reviews and uses to guide our management team.

“I really appreciate the team at Second Harvest, as everyone here makes all safety, and particularly food safety, a priority,” Jaime said. “We’ve made amazing improvements and will work every day to continue.”

Fun Fact: Second Harvest Inland Northwest was the first Feeding America affiliate in the entire network to become AIB certified.

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