“There are people out there that need a food bank, and they’re still as good as people who don’t.” Priscilla is very familiar with this truth, since she went her whole life without needing a food bank—until four months ago.

Now 66, Priscilla is on a fixed income that doesn’t quite meet all her financial needs. She recently moved into her own place after living with her daughter for a period of time. “When you’re on a little over $1,000 a month, it’s a lot when your rent is about $550,” she said.

To help ease some of her financial burden, Priscilla goes to the Post Falls Food Bank, where she receives a variety of food, including lots of fresh produce, at no cost. She especially appreciates all the fruit, since she loves making smoothies. She says that fruit and other produce at the store is often expensive.

Thanks to the food bank, Priscilla doesn’t have to worry so much about how she’ll keep herself healthy. Her visits there not only nourish her body but also her spirit. The staff and volunteers always brighten her day and make her feel respected. “They care. I feel like they care.”

For now, Priscilla gratefully turns to the food bank for help. “Maybe one day I won’t have to. But it’s here if you have to. That’s the awesome part.”

Feeding Eastern Washington and North Idaho
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