National Make-A-Will Month – August 18

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Author: Tony Cook

August marks National Make-A-Will Month, an annual reminder of the importance of drafting or updating your will to ensure your final wishes are executed as you intend.  

Despite the importance of having a will, nearly two-thirds of American adults don’t take the time to create one, citing busy schedules, lack of wealth or assets to distribute, or dislike of the idea of thinking about one’s mortality. However, all adults—particularly those with children—should have a will. Why? 

  1. It’s loving. Make a will and share your views and values with your family while you are around. Without a will, your family and most valued people will be forced to deal with all the messy details of your finances and estate while dealing with the grief of losing you.  
  2. You can make an impact today. Planning the impact of your assets, regardless of size, ensures each is committed to an organization and/or person in alignment with your values. 
  3. Your loved ones and the people you most treasure can be part of your planning. So your gifts and wishes are a celebration of your life instead of a burden. Don’t make your will in a vacuum; include those closest to you.   

Whether you accept it or not, you will die, and people will miss you. Invest the time today and connect your stuff to the legacy you desire. Make your loved ones aware of your desires. 

While you are at it, please consider committing 2% or more of your estate to Second Harvest and joining our Kay Porta Legacy Society. Committing a percentage of your estate is easier for you to maintain in your will and can change the lives of the people you care about the most. You could leave them a legacy of service, impact and good in this world.

There are many free or low-cost ways to easily complete your will, such as You can also seek professional guidance from your financial planner.  

To learn more about remembering Second Harvest in your will, estate plan or trust, please visit: or call Tony Cook at 509-252-6277.


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