Bite2Go Report Cards – July 14


Author: Steve Durham

Bite2Go is a program that empowers businesses, churches and civic groups to adopt schools throughout the Inland Northwest and through that adoptive model, provide nourishment to food-insecure school kids over the weekend. To honor the hard work of these adoptive organizations, the Bite2Go team compiles a summary of the past school year; because of our close ties to our area schools, we call these our Report Cards. 

The Report Cards capture the state of the program in the regions with the greatest Bite2Go engagement—Spokane and the Tri-Cities. It’s important to note that the program’s reach extends far beyond those communities; in aggregate, we serve nearly 10,000 kids per week during the school year from the Idaho Panhandle to the east slope of the Cascades. Across the Bite2Go program, we are active in 217 schools and enjoy support from 189 adoptive organizations. 

report cards

While we cherish this opportunity to celebrate the hard work we’ve all completed, it’s also a moment to recognize that the challenges of child hunger persist; there are also many schools in our communities that still need our help. 

If you, your business, your church, or your civic group would like to learn more about becoming an adoptive organization, please reach out to Steve Durham at or 509-701-2721. Here is a partial list of schools that are currently available for adoption: 


  • Centennial Middle SchoolBite2Go
  • East Valley High School
  • Prairie View Elementary


  • Longfellow Elementary
  • Sunset View Elementary

To learn more about Bite2Go and view the Report Cards, please visit

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