Volunteer Spotlight: John – October 7

Author: Eric Williams, Community Partnerships Director

Time, talent and treasure. That’s the phrase often used to describe how generous people donate to worthy endeavors. 

For Second Harvest, John Huckabay adds a fourth: toolbox.  In mid-July an integral piece of equipment in the Spokane Volunteer Center that we call our “tipper” broke down.  Understanding the potential supply chain issues for parts and challenges of getting a technician, John went home and rummaged through a bin of parts in his garage, found a replacement switch and another part (who knows what that part is called on a tipper), and the next day brought them in along with his toolbox, and fixed the darn thing.  In about an hour. 

But really, who has spare parts for a tipper?  And more to the point, who takes the time do to something like that?  Well, John, for one.  He’s been a quiet, generous donor to Second Harvest since at least 2012, supporting projects ranging from Tom’s Turkey Drive to Feeding Kids First.  A successful businessman, John has ventures in several countries, and provides financial support for an array of organizations ranging from land and wildlife conservation in South Africa to medical schools and medical students right here in the Inland Northwest.  

In addition to tools, talent and treasure, John gives his time as well. Over the past three years, John has graciously donated well over 600 hours as a volunteer, frequently alongside others sorting produce.  He is often accompanied by his granddaughter, Jordy, who frequently joins him in our Volunteer Center.  

Second Harvest is grateful to John, Jordy and the thousands of neighbors who generously donate their time to help end hunger. To register for a volunteer shift at our Spokane and Pasco distribution centers, please visit: https://2-harvest.org/volunteer/.



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