Feeding hope: jean’s Story

“The kids get to stay with family. They get to stay with us, which is so important,” Jean explained as she waited in her car for a Mobile Market food distribution to begin. Jean was referring to two grandkids they had recently adopted, which brought the number of kids in her house up to 13. “This has been such a blessing from God because we have 13 kids in the house right now!

Jean has been attending Second Harvest’s Mobile Market distributions in the Tri-Cities for about six weeks. She and her husband have taken charge of several of their grandkids to keep them safe in such turbulent times.

“There were some times that, without the fresh vegetables that you provide, we wouldn’t have had any at all.”

“We’re only on one income, and so far we’re doing okay. Our bills are being paid, but we’re struggling with clothes or when the kids get too big for their shoes,” she said. “We try to pass stuff on as hand-me-downs, but you can’t always do that either.”

In order to cut back on expenses, Jean and the kids have been getting creative and trying to have some fun. “We’re recycling and reusing everything and anything we can – all kinds of stuff that you can recycle or repurpose into so many different things. It creates science and craft projects for the kids, and it feels good!”

Still, their family is grateful that groceries haven’t been stretching their budget thinner. “There were some times that, without the fresh vegetables that you provide, we wouldn’t have had any at all,” she said.

Even with 13 kids in the house, Jean has also been picking up for her elderly neighbor. “She has health issues and almost passed away a couple of months ago. She was the one who asked me to go to the distribution originally. That’s what brought me here,” Jean said. Whenever her neighbor sees an advertisement for a Mobile Market event in their area, she asks Jean if she can go and pick up food for her. 

“I’m so happy she asked us because it has been helping our family so much, too,” she said. “The people have all been great. They’re nice. Even the waiting is well worth it. It’s been absolutely wonderful.

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