Feeding hope: Lisa’s Story

Lisa stepped out of the community center into the parking lot. Inside, she’s a member of the staff. Outside, she’s getting food for her family at Second Harvest’s Mobile Market distribution.

Lisa usually lives in a two-income household, but now it’s down to one—hers. Her husband lost his part-time job because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That meant that her family lost their food budget, since his income normally covers their groceries.

“I’m just lucky that I’m working so I can pay the bills.”

With two kids at home and only one family income, Lisa is being as frugal as she can to make it through this crisis. “We’re just really using our resources wisely. We’re trying not to waste gas. If we can walk somewhere, we do.” She was grateful that one of those resources was quite literally right outside her door at work. “I’m grateful that the Mobile Market is here in the neighborhood.”

Lisa is concerned not only about keeping her family fed but also that her kids feel a sense of normalcy through this crisis. “Kids shouldn’t need to know you’re rationing. You want them to feel like it’s always a choice—not what you have to do.” The food she received at the Mobile Market helped bring that sense of normalcy into her home. “We wouldn’t splurge on oranges. That would seem more like a splurge than a need,” she said.

Even though times are tough for Lisa and her family right now, she continues to ground herself in gratitude. “I’m just lucky that I’m working so I can pay the bills.”

Feeding Eastern Washington and North Idaho
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