Idaho Credit Union Donation - Giving Tuesday

Author: Chris Houglum

Putting generosity into action

Idaho Credit Union - Giving TuesdayNew in town? Hardly. Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) has been collaborating with Second Harvest to help feed people in the Inland Northwest for more than four years. Sharing fresh food with families through a Mobile Market food distribution in North Idaho, participating in our Taking a Bite out of Hunger fundraiser in Spokane, and recently serving as our region-wide GivingTuesday matching partner, there’s no question that Idaho Central Credit Union is here to help and here to stay.

Through a generous $15,000 matching challenge issued to our supporters on GivingTuesday, Idaho Central Credit Union invited people to consider impact and generosity by pausing on purchases associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and press the gas on giving. Their match inspired individual action and collective impact, generating more than $65,500 in support to help ensure people facing hunger can access food.

Idaho Credit Union - Giving TuesdayThe ICCU “Green Team” volunteered onsite on GivingTuesday, sorting and repacking nonperishable canned, boxed, and bagged food donated to Second Harvest into boxes that will ultimately stock the shelves of our partner food pantries and be shared with our neighbors experiencing times of turbulence. Boxes often contain a variety of shelf-stable items like pasta, canned vegetables and fruits, cereal, tuna, peanut butter, canned chicken, and other household staples.

You made a difference on GivingTuesdayIdaho Credit Union - Giving Tuesday

Thank you to all who participated in what might be considered a radical act—the sharing of one’s resources, including dollars, time and food, for the good of our community. When I reflect on days like GivingTuesday and partners like Idaho Central Credit Union, I’m reminded that there is abundant good in the world, especially right here in the Inland Northwest. Let’s all find ways to continue the giving that nourishes in more ways than one this holiday season. Thank you, ICCU and all who participated in GivingTuesday, for choosing to better the world with all of us at Second Harvest. We’re glad you’re on our team.



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