Author: Tony Cook

The American Lutheran Church in Newport, Washington, has sponsored Second Harvest Mobile Markets since before we started calling them by that name.

In partnership with Thrivent 14 years ago, the church began hosting what was then called a mobile food bank, which was a new approach to addressing hunger. Parishioners welcomed all into their church and provided them with healthy, nutritious food. Since that first distribution, the program has evolved into a drive-thru format. But one thing remains unchanged: the love associated with the work.

When Second Harvest was founded by Kay Porta 51 years ago, one of the first steps she took was to reach out to the faith community for help. Second Harvest is supported by people throughout the Inland Northwest, and the steadfast support of many faith communities is alive and evident in the work made possible in places like Newport.

During my recent visit to American Lutheran, Pastor Matt Goodrich shared how the impact of Second Harvest Mobile Market distributions has had a profound effect on his community. It’s an impact vastly greater than the distribution of calories through nutritious food. Service and the sharing of hope feed a hunger that we each have. Whether a donor, volunteer, or neighbor-in-need, everyone benefits from the sharing of hope through the distribution of food.

In the foyer of American Lutheran Church, there’s a beautiful picture of the first time the parish distributed food and hope to the Newport community. Each person has a story about how their experience of serving transformed them, and the joy they receive from giving food to people who need it.

Thank you, Pastors Matt and Janine Goodrich, and the people of American Lutheran Church, for your tireless support of Second Harvest over the last 14 years.  Your work really matters, and we are grateful.


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