Like many in our community, Theresa has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Her hours working in the housekeeping industry have been cut drastically. Now, she is lucky if she works even six hours a week. Going from a full-time job to her current schedule has significantly decreased Theresa’s income, making it hard to afford basic groceries, let alone a full Thanksgiving meal.

The food from Tom’s Turkey Drive will allow her to create a hearty and delicious Thanksgiving dinner with her teenage son and fiancé. She was especially grateful for the option to pick up a meal at Second Harvest for people taking public transportation, as she doesn’t drive.


“Full bellies always make everything better.”

In challenging times like these, having a full Thanksgiving meal means a lot. “Anything helps, especially in this time,” said Theresa. “Full bellies always make everything better.”

Theresa said her Thanksgiving would have looked scarce without Tom’s Turkey Drive. She still would have found a way to celebrate with her family, “but it wouldn’t be as happy… It’d be hard,” she said. Thanks to Tom’s Turkey Drive and the generous volunteers, donors and sponsors who make it possible, she was able to gather around a full table with her family this year.

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