Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Newman

Jim will be missed at our Pasco Hunger Solution Center, having completed 3-1/2 years and 250 hours as a volunteer driver. He is known for his great smile and friendly manner.

Jim enjoyed helping with many different food drives, including Stamp Out Hunger, the Mid-Columbia Libraries’ Food for Fines and our Turkey Drive. Most often, though, he was behind the wheel of a 25,000 gross weight truck, delivering food to our partner agencies in the Mid-Columbia Basin. 

During his time volunteering, Jim forged a special relationship with New Horizons High School in Pasco. Whenever he arrived at the school, students ran to greet him and unload the fresh produce and other healthy foods for their student-run pantry. Jim believed his role was to help nurture relationships with our partners, whether they were food banks, meal programs or area schools. He did just that.

The impact of those consistent deliveries of healthy food made an impression when he and his wife Kathy attended Taking a Bite out of Hunger a few years ago. A New Horizons High School teacher cried as she shared what the pantry meant to her students, many of whom face instability in other areas of their lives. Jim was touched. “She had such a passion for the kids, as strong as she felt. I thought to myself, ‘This is why we do it!’”

We can’t thank Jim enough for the incredible impact he has made on our community. He inspired us, too!