Partners: Domex Superfresh Growers

Domex Superfresh Growers grows, packs and ships fruit tree products all over the world. But the employees at Domex know they have the power to make a difference in their very own community.  That’s why they partner with Second Harvest to get food to people facing hunger in the Inland Northwest.

Domex is committed to sustainability in all that they do, including building a sustainable food system. That means that no one goes to bed hungry, and no food goes to waste. “Making sure that everyone has access to healthy food is really important to us and a key component of a sustainable agriculture system,” said Kristin Snapp, director of corporate affairs at Domex. “Second Harvest is the distribution system to those in need.”

A fifth-generation family-owned agribusiness, Domex has been partnering with Second Harvest for years with generous donations of produce to their neighbors in need. Last year alone they donated over 750,000 pounds of fresh food.

In addition to providing healthy food to people facing hunger in their community, the team at Domex loves to help with Second Harvest’s annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drive. They look forward to new ways to be involved with Second Harvest’s events and programs in the future.

“As food producers, we believe we should be part of the solution,” said Snapp. “We live in a country with an abundance of agricultural products. It’s our role to help get those products to those in need.”