Feeding Hope: Ron's Story

You could probably call Ron an “expert” when it comes to Mobile Markets.  Having volunteered at these events for seven years, he knows his way around the truck.  But October’s Bonner’s Ferry Mobile Market—his first event in this location—still struck him for its impact on the community.

A retired educator turned substitute school bus driver, Ron remembers seeing kids from his bus routes in line at past Mobile Markets.  “You would never know these kids are hungry,” he remarked.  “I’ve seen people in line that are working two jobs, and I know that because I’ve seen them in town working those jobs.”

Ron comes from a long line of pastors, and he sees volunteering at the Mobile Market as part of his ministry.  “It is a good way to help get food on the table.  A lot of people don’t like to beg.  And they don’t feel like they’re begging (at the Mobile Market).  They’re coming through with their heads held high.”  Why?  “Because it comes to them.”  The Mobile Market meets community members where they are in a place that is familiar to them—and to Ron, that does a lot for the town’s residents.

Ron was particularly struck by the sense of community he witnessed at the Bonner’s Ferry Mobile Market.  People talked to each other as they waited in line for food, and many even offered to help set up for the event. 

Ron and other volunteers helped deliver apples, pears, carrots, onions, potatoes, pasta, crackers, orange juice and bread to 240 families in Bonner’s Ferry.  Thank you, Ron, for your commitment to delivering healthy food to every person every day.

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