Feeding Hope: Monica's Story

Monica greeted each family with enthusiasm as she signed them up for the Mobile Market bus event at Logan Elementary. “It’s like a Trader Joe’s in there!” she repeated as people wrote their names on the sign-in sheet.

Monica, a kindergarten teacher at Logan Elementary, was happy to be helping at the event—not only because she loves her students, but also because she knows how much the free food they could choose on the bus would help them and their families.

“Kids need basic needs first—food, safety, sleep, clothing,” she said. “Lots come without having those basic needs met on almost a daily basis.”

The school frequently partners with community organizations to help meet those needs. Second Harvest has held several Mobile Market distributions in conjunction with a family dinner hosted at Logan Elementary each Tuesday evening. Students and their families get a yummy meal and food to take home to last several days or weeks.

“(Because of the bus,) these families go home and are able to feed their kiddos healthy things,” said Monica. “I think we underestimate the stress the families are under when they don’t know where that meal is coming from. Not just the physical piece of feeding their bellies but also alleviating the stress. The stress reduction of when the cabinets are full—we just can’t measure.”