Feeding Hope: Mickey's Story

The Mobile Market in Bonner’s Ferry was almost ready to begin when Mickey jumped in with the other volunteers, asking how he could help.  He tries to volunteer at Second Harvest Mobile Markets whenever they’re in town. 

“Some people leave good footprints.  Some people leave bad footprints.  I want to leave good footprints,” he said.  Helping at Mobile Markets is just one way Mickey tries to do that.

As Mickey helped people in need carry the food to their cars, he recognized that he’s been in their shoes.  He was abused as a child, leaving him with several physical and mental disabilities.  Because of these disabilities, he now receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and lives on a fixed income.  “I’m basically homeless.  I know what it’s like to need and want.”

Incarcerated for ten years, Mickey is now committed to serving others.  He currently helps a local senior center with construction projects.  He also shares his story with others in his community through his art—astounding pencil drawings realistic enough to be mistaken for photographs. 

While Mickey tries to give back to the community in many ways, he is particularly excited about volunteering with Second Harvest.  He lived at the Union Gospel Mission across the street from Second Harvest’s Spokane location for a year and a half.  While there, he used to walk by Second Harvest frequently and was inspired by how the organization gets food to those who need it.  Now, Mickey is choosing to be part of the solution to hunger in his own town.  He says the Mobile Market not only helps people by providing them with much needed food, but it also helps “the psychology of the town,” as Bonner’s Ferry is considered by many to be a “pass-through town” on the way to Canada.  The Mobile Market reminds residents that they are not forgotten—that someone cares.

Until the next Mobile Market in Bonner’s Ferry, Mickey will continue to offer his time and talents to the community in other ways.  “We only have so many spins around this earth, and I’m going to make sure my spins count.”

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