Second Harvest Benefits from Cars for Charity Partnership

Second Harvest is one of several partner charities that benefits from your old clunker. 


SPOKANE, WA--Nine local non-profits are teaming up this fall to get the word out about Cars for Charity, a program that's been around since 1996, has collected thousands of used vehicles – mostly old junkers – to part out for cash.


Right now is a perfect time to think about making a donation, and each donation goes a long way in helping out those less fortunate in our community. The best part is the folks at Pull and Save Auto Parts will come and get your junker for free.


“Pull and Save will process those cars, part them out, sell them as a whole vehicle, whatever they are able to do they send that money right back to the charities," Ken Daniel with the Spokane Guild School said.


The school, and eight other non-profits takes in your old junkers all year round, but makes an emphasis during the spring and fall when they hope folks do a little tidying up.


“You don't want those unwanted vehicles cluttering up the back yard. Just bring it in, get it out of your driveway, out of your carport, bring it down, or call Pull and Save and they will come out and pick it up for free and tow it back and all you have to do is have the proper paperwork and they will work it all through for you. There is nothing you have to do,” Daniel said.


Some of the junker donations also benefit Spokane County Fire District #9; without cars from Pull and Save auto, they wouldn't have practice vehicles to train with life saving equipment.


For a full list of charities involved and a link to donate click here.

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