Mobile Markets bring fresh produce to Hillyard

Volunteers from Rosauers and the Northeast Youth Center are setting up early in a vacant lot in Spokane’s Hillyard neighborhood. It isn’t crowded, but they’re expecting several hundred people for today’s Mobile Market.

Ron lives in Hillyard and volunteers in the neighborhood. He sees many people who need help, but don’t know where to turn for services. He’s here with a wagon to get some food for himself, but also hopes to spread the word to other people in the area.

“I see a lot of people living in their cars,” he said. “This really helps the community. Without it, I’m convinced people wouldn’t know where their next meal was coming from.”

Jodie, who lives nearby, appreciates how accessible the Mobile Market is.

“I love it because I live right here. We’re pretty much stuck here otherwise,” she said. She usually can’t afford fresh fruits and vegetables her doctor has told her to include in her diet.

“We’re getting low on fresh veggies and fresh fruit. I’m diabetic – I need those.” 

By the end of the day, dedicated volunteers served more than 800 people with about 12,000 pounds of fresh food.