Making a difference one person at a time

When Colleen first walked through the door at a Second Harvest partner food pantry, she was living on the streets.  She needed food and a job. Penny, a volunteer, helped her land both, after noticing Colleen’s interest in plants and agriculture. Today, Colleen has a full-time job at a greenhouse.

As winter approaches, it can mean tough times for people like Colleen, who depend on Second Harvest to make it through the coldest months. Dropping temperatures mean higher heat bills and that leaves less money for food, medicine and other basic needs.  Partner food pantries help our community’s most vulnerable people can make it through the cold months. Sometimes a meal and someone to listen at the right time is all someone needs.

“I’ll never forget her,” Penny said. “Colleen called me back after she got on her feet and said, ‘You’re the only one who thought I could do it.”