Janice's Story

Janice never expected to need help with food. She had worked since the age of 16 and had been self-sufficient until four years ago when she had to go on medical disability. A condition called occipital neuralgia causes her to have severe chronic head pain 24 hours a day.   

Janice, who has lived in the Tri-Cities since 1994, lives alone in Kennewick, but has children and grandchildren nearby. She struggles to put food on the table, since her income leaves her well below the poverty level. She receives $16 per month in food stamps, which she uses to buy protein.

On a recent winter day, Janice learned that Second Harvest’s Mobile Food Bank would be at The Garden church in Kennewick. She almost didn’t attend because of her pain level and the bitter cold, but she was in great need of food. Janice was touched to receive the healthy produce and other perishable groceries that would supplement what she had at home. “This gift of food means so much to me. If I hadn’t received this food, I would have missed some of the key nutrients that I need, as what I have on hand would not make up a complete nutritious meal.”  

Janice shared her gratitude by saying, “My passion has always been helping people in need, and now that I am that person in need, while this is hard for me to accept, I am so grateful for the graciousness of your organization. I would say to anyone who is looking to support Second Harvest, that this gift of food to the community is so necessary. I never expected to be in a situation where I would need help with food. I feel the Second Harvest Mobile Food Bank is a godsend!”