Feeding Hope: Will's Story

When Will visited the Cheney Food Bank three months ago, he didn’t think he’d be back. But he also wasn’t expecting to get laid off from his construction job.

Will’s income helps provide for his two daughters, eleven and two, and his wife, who takes care of the kids while he travels throughout Washington for his work. But his wife has MS, which makes keeping up with their energetic little ones difficult at times. “She’s amazing. She doesn’t give herself enough credit,” said Will.

Will’s dreams of buying property in the country and starting his own contracting business feel within reach. He just needs a little help to get there. Will was already on a tight budget, trying to pay for an increased rent, college loans, car payments, and other basic needs, when he was laid off. Around the same time, he found out about an outstanding traffic ticket he needed to pay. With less income and an added expense, Will returned to the food pantry.

Like many parents, Will and his wife always make sure their kids are fed first. The food pantry ensures there’s food for the whole family. It also keeps Will from falling behind on his monthly expenses. “This helps us make the payment on our car. Making that payment would be impossible if I had to go buy $150 worth of groceries.”

Will left the pantry with a shopping cart full of food for his family—and peace of mind knowing he can return if he needs to—but hoping to never be back again.