Feeding Hope: Wendy's Story

Why does Wendy love the Mobile Market bus? Because it comes to her.

Wendy attended a Mobile Market bus food distribution with her family at Logan Elementary School—where her grandkids attend. She lives with them and her daughter in Spokane. Her family doesn’t have a car and relies on the city bus to get around. But at $60 a month for one person, sometimes her family can’t afford bus passes. That makes it hard to get to the grocery store.

“It really helps us eat when we can’t afford to go to the grocery store,” she said of the Mobile Market bus. Because of the distribution, she can get food she couldn’t otherwise afford or access for her family—“especially the healthy stuff.”

The Mobile Market helps alleviate some of the stress Wendy feels when there’s not enough food in the house to feed everyone. “It’s depressing. It’s just really hard. You have people to feed, and you’re hungry. It’s just really hard.”

Wendy hopes that the community will continue to support the Mobile Market program so that her family and others like hers have some help putting food on the table. “It helps families, especially those that can’t get to grocery stores. It’s just convenient. It’s really helpful.”