Feeding Hope: Stephanie's Story

Stephanie loves to cook. As a kid, she dreamed of attending Le Cordon Bleu – a renowned culinary school. Today, she still loves to cook, but it’s a challenge to afford enough food to feed her family of four. That’s why she came to a Mobile Market distribution in early May.

It was Stephanie’s first time at a Mobile Market, and she was excited about all the food she took home to transform into meals for her husband and two teenage step-sons. Stephanie and her family live on a tight budget. “We are on a fixed income. We make too much for food stamps but not enough to get all our needs covered,” she said.

Stephanie stays home to take care of her husband—a disabled veteran. She tries to find side jobs during the day, but she has to be home to drop off and pick up her step-sons at school, making it hard to find anything steady.

A self-proclaimed “deal shopper,” Stephanie always tries to find the best bargain when grocery shopping. But with a mortgage, utilities and a phone bill, she’s not left with much to work with. “Food nowadays is expensive, and it’s a necessity,” said Stephanie. “You need food to live. Things like the Mobile Market are a miracle in itself.”

She was particularly excited about the cereal she took home because she knew her step-sons would love it, as well as the beef. “Meat is hard to get in my house. That made me happy.”

Stephanie and her family gather around their table to eat dinner at least once a week. It’s their time to share how they are and what’s happening in their lives. “As my son says, ‘A poor person with lots of love is rich.’ When it comes to my family, we might not have a lot of money, but we are rich with all the love we have.”

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