Feeding Hope: Sonia's Story

For Sonia, there’s no worse feeling than having nothing to offer her granddaughter when she asks for food. “If you’ve never gone without food, you don’t know how hard it is. It makes you feel inadequate.”

Sonia, 62, and her husband have raised their two grandchildren, now 15 and 17, since they were young kids. “They can’t get enough food,” said Sonia. But due to a change in circumstances, Sonia can’t always buy enough food to meet her grandkids’ needs. That’s why she comes to the Mobile Market. “They’re my lifeline. This is how we survive.”

Sonia used to make about $3,000 each month as an accounts payable and payroll technician. Now, a disability prevents her from working, and her income decreased by more than half to $1,300 each month.

Tight budgeting is a daily reality for Sonia. Her husband’s income pays their rent and car payment, while her income goes toward utilities, insurance and food. “After bills, we have about $250 left for groceries at the end of the month,” she said. “It’s really stressful. I had to learn how to buy my groceries. I have to think about how many meals I can stretch with what I buy.”

Sonia and her husband come to the Mobile Markets whenever they can. She says the food she receives there helps relieve some of her stress and gives them items, such as fresh produce and snacks, that they wouldn’t otherwise have in the house because they can’t afford them.

Sonia’s granddaughter is always excited when she comes home from school and sees all the fresh produce and other food her grandmother receives at Mobile Markets. “She always knows when we went to the Mobile Market,” said Sonia.

“When you don’t have the resources to buy food, this is something people count on. I count on Second Harvest.”

Want to help people like Sonia get enough food on the table for their families? Here's what you can do.