Feeding Hope: Sharon's Story

Sharon was excited when the Mobile Market bus pulled up outside her senior living community. Sharon, 70, loves to cook with fresh produce, but on her fixed income, she has a hard time affording food—especially fresh produce, which she loves—each month.

“My budget is very, very small. By the time I get my meds, it’s hard to afford food.”

Like many seniors, Sharon sometimes must choose between buying food and paying for her medications. Both are important to her, but medication often takes priority.

“My doctor has a conniption fit if I don’t take my meds!” she said. Sharon has good health insurance, but her copay still uses much of her $800 a month budget, leaving her with little money for food at the end of the month.

Sharon knows how to stretch her food budget. Growing up, her family didn’t have much money, and her mom taught her how to cook meals that would feed several people with what they had. “When she was cooking something, she had me on one side and my brother on the other.” Still, stretching her food through the entire month is a challenge.

Sharon recently had both knees replaced. The surgery has improved her mobility, but it’s meant more medical bills than normal—and less money for food. The food she picked up on the Mobile Market bus helped fill that gap—and gave her the fresh produce she’d been craving.