Feeding Hope: Robert's Story

“I see a good staple right there,” said Robert, pointing to the bags of potatoes being assembled for distribution by volunteers. He had traveled by bus to the Mobile Market and was one of the first in line. “You can make anything with potatoes.”

Robert comes to Mobile Market distributions whenever he can, especially if his family of four is low on food. The Mobile Market provides enough food to get them through until the end of the month.

Robert and his family receive a small amount of money through the Basic Food program (formerly known as food stamps) each month, but it’s not enough to cover all their needs—especially for Robert’s two daughters, 10 and 14. “They eat more than we do,” he said.

Healthy food sold in stores is often out of reach for Robert because it costs too much. The Mobile Market provides Robert’s family with staples—like potatoes and other produce items—that are too expensive for their budget. Robert appreciates the variety of food items available at the Mobile Market. “I always like the choices,” he said.

Robert knows there are others like him struggling to put enough food on the table for their families. “If it weren’t for the Mobile Market, we’d be in a world of hurt,” he said. He dreams of one day starting a free communal farm to become part of the solution to hunger in his community.

You can help provide fresh produce and other healthy food to people like Robert. Learn how you can help.