Feeding Hope: Nichole's Story

“Little giggles are my favorite sound,” said Nichole as her three daughters chased each other in circles around their car in the parking lot of Canvas Church.  Tamara, 8, Catherine, 6, and Kenley, 4, were Mom’s little helpers as she picked up food from a Second Harvest Mobile Market in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Nichole and her family used to volunteer at the Canvas Church food bank.  She wanted to teach her daughters the importance of serving others through volunteering.  But this past month, she and her family have found themselves turning to the same food pantry, along with other services like the Mobile Market, for food assistance.

“It’s been a rough time.  We just hit a rough patch,” she said.

Nichole’s husband works full time while she stays at home and homeschools her children.  Even though her husband is doing well in his job, they are still having a hard time paying the bills each month.

The food she receives at the Mobile Market helps to fill the gaps in her grocery list, especially produce.  “When you really start looking at things, where do you cut out?  You don’t want it to be the produce, but milk is cheaper than apples.”

Nichole and her daughters left the Mobile Market with apples, pears, red onions, potatoes, frozen carrots, frozen French fries, soup, bread and cookies—which Tamara, Catherine, and Kenley were excited to dig into—when Mom gave the okay, of course!

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