Feeding Hope: Natasha's Story

Twenty-nine-year-old Natasha held her two-year-old daughter’s hand as she moved through the Mobile Market across from House of Charity in Spokane.  She drove in for the event from her home in Cheney.

Natasha works as a home care assistant.  She’s a single mom of two, and her income isn’t enough to provide fresh food for her family.  She uses the food pantry in Cheney, but there are still gaps—which the Mobile Market helps fill.  This food distribution allowed her to put money she would have otherwise spent on food toward other bills.

Natasha looks forward to the vegetables at the Mobile Market and tries to make meals around what food is available there.  Last time she came to the Mobile Market, she picked up extra food and brought it to her neighbors. 

“You help one person, and it helps them help another.  This kind of stuff helps me help others … It goes a long way.  It’s like a chain.”

As helpful as the free food is, Natasha doesn’t want to be standing in food banks lines forever. When she looks to the future, she looks with the hope of someday being financially independent. “That would be a great thing.  That’s what I’m working towards.”

Learn how to help people like Natasha move from hunger to health and self-sufficiency.