Feeding Hope: Michelle's Story

The timing of the Mobile Market was perfect for Michelle. Earlier that week, her fridge hit 47 degrees. “I had to throw out everything,” she said. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Her landlord hasn’t been helpful when she’s brought it to his attention.

Michelle wasn’t only happy about having food in her house again. She was excited about all the healthy food she’d be getting from the Mobile Market bus, which was parked outside of a health clinic in downtown Spokane. She’s been working with a nutritionist there, who told her about the free food distribution.

Michelle is trying to improve her health issues through a healthy diet. At the Mobile Market, she received nutritious foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grain bread, that align with the goals she set with her nutritionist. She was especially grateful for the fruit. “For me, the fruit is an easy-to-grab snack on the go.”

As she waited in line for her turn to hop on the Mobile Market bus, Michelle reflected on what it would be like if this resource didn’t exist. “I’d probably go many nights without food,” she said.

Michelle is working toward stability in her life. In addition to getting healthier, she’s trying to find stable housing—something she hasn’t had for three years. During this time of transition, having a place to turn for food has been crucial. “When you’re homeless or struggling, you don’t get the healthiness. It has an effect on your health. This helps get that balance."