Feeding Hope: Melissa's Story

“It feels really good to know my kids will have a full belly this weekend.”

Melissa, a mom of two, found some relief in the Mobile Market bus that was parked outside of the Northeast Youth Center in Spokane on a Friday afternoon. She was grateful to be able to take home a load of groceries while picking up her kids—one stop shopping.

Food in her house doesn’t last long, especially fruit, which her kids love. “My six-year-old is a little boy, and he’s always eating. I think he eats more than everyone else in our house,” she said.

Reflecting on how the food she received from the Mobile Market would help her family, Melissa said, “It will keep them fed through the weekend. Even though my husband and I both work, it’s still a struggle. Keeping healthy snacks on hand, especially in between paydays, is hard because all our money goes to bills.”

In addition to food and other monthly costs, Melissa pays out of pocket for medication to treat a chronic condition she was diagnosed with several years ago. That puts even more of a strain on her food budget. But this month, the Mobile Market distribution helped take the pressure off a bit. “The money that we would have to buy food with this weekend, we can actually put it away,” said Melissa.

“Keeping the kids healthy and keeping food on everybody’s table is the most important thing. If not, you have hungry kids that don’t get nutritious food on the weekend and go hungry until school time.”

Melissa gratefully left the Mobile Market with lots of healthy food for her family for the weekend and many days after. She hopes to be able to give back to Second Harvest one day so that other moms have peace of mind that their kids will have healthy food to eat.

Inspired by Melissa's story? You can help other moms keep nutritious food on the table for their families. Learn how.