Feeding Hope: Melanie's Story

As Melanie signed in for the Mobile Market bus distribution at Logan Elementary, she raved about the strawberries she got at a distribution over the summer. There were no strawberries on the bus that day, but Melanie left with more than 40 pounds of produce and other healthy food items for her family.

Melanie is a mom of two, and the budget is tight. After paying expenses, she typically has $60 left at the end of the month. That doesn’t leave much for unexpected expenses or special occasions—like Halloween, which was only about a week away. Melanie said she would piece something together for her kids with what they had.

Without the Mobile Market, meals happen the same way—piecing together whatever she has. “I always manage. As a mom, you will find a way. I take it day by day because if I don’t, it’s too much to worry about.”

The Mobile Market helps alleviate some of those worries by providing Melanie enough food to feed her family for the rest of the month. “It gives us good, nutritious food, so we don’t have to worry,” she said. Healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables, are often too expensive for her budget.

Melanie appreciates that she gets to “shop” on the bus and choose what food she wants to take. That day, she was teaching her daughter how to shop.

To Melanie, it’s important that the community continues to support Second Harvest not just for the food it provides, but also “so that the person that doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from has some peace in their heart.”