Feeding Hope: Marcy's Story

Marcy has quite the green thumb. It’s hard to name a vegetable that she doesn’t grow in her home garden. Squash, beans, radishes, zucchini, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes—she does it all. Even with this fresh food in her backyard, Marcy still has a hard time feeding her family each month.

Marcy lives with her son and three of her grandchildren in Spokane Valley. She traveled to Airway Heights for a Mobile Market in late March to get food for her household of five. Marcy lives on a fixed income that doesn’t provide enough to pay for all her necessities. Rent, utilities and other expenses leave little for food at the end of the month.

Freezing and canning the food she grows in her garden helps Marcy stretch her food budget. She uses tomatoes from her garden to make marinara sauce, which she can pull from the freezer in the winter to make a delicious pasta dish for her family. And her homemade jam is a favorite of her grandchildren.

Even with all the preserving, it’s hard for Marcy to afford enough food for her family in the colder months. Produce is expensive, and meat even more so. “I can’t afford beef at $4.99 or $6.99 a pound,” said Marcy. “Things like this help. That’s why I try not to miss them.” She’s attended several Mobile Markets and keeps a close eye on Second Harvest’s website to see where and when the next one will be. She also uses her local food bank in Otis Orchards.

Marcy envisions a bright future for her grandchildren—one that doesn’t include food assistance. “My hope for them is that they get good jobs and can afford to feed themselves.”

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