Feeding Hope: Linda's Story

Linda is excited for the “milder” winter this year in Newport.  She recently moved from Michigan—where winter starts before Halloween and lasts until April—to be near her daughter.  Linda is familiar with Mobile Markets; she attended one regularly in Michigan that was put on by another member of Feeding America—the nationwide network of food banks of which Second Harvest is also a part.  So when she heard about Second Harvest’s event in Newport, she was excited to bring her daughter with her.

Linda is a senior on fixed income, and much of that money goes toward a second health insurance plan to supplement Medicare.  “Medicare is not enough,” she said.  With most of her income covering health care, there isn’t much left over for food at the end of the month—a challenge faced by many seniors.

Linda and her daughter were especially excited for the fresh produce they received at the Mobile Market.  Linda finds produce expensive in town, so the Second Harvest distribution helped supplement her groceries.  Markets she’s attended in the past have also introduced her to new vegetables she wasn’t familiar with.  “I didn’t eat a lot of squash (before).  I’m starting to like it.”

At this Mobile Market, Linda received onions, radishes, carrots, apples, potatoes, pears, cauliflower and avocados, along with bread, meat and other items.  Linda left with lots of fresh ingredients to go home and make something new!

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