Feeding Hope: Leslie's Story

Leslie waited in line with her son Wyatt for the Mobile Market in Airway Heights to begin. Wyatt sat in the grocery cart, but he soon had to get out and walk with his mom to make room for the food they received.

The oldest of twelve kids, Leslie had to learn how to budget quickly. Now with six children of her own, two of whom are autistic, it’s still a challenge. Leslie cares for her kids at home while her husband works elsewhere as a caregiver. She goes to the Mobile Market whenever she gets the chance. “With one income, you can’t feed your family without help,” she said.

Leslie and her husband often eat smaller meals or skip meals altogether to make sure their kids get enough to eat. “As parents, we end up going without a lot. At the end of the day, it’s whatever’s left.”

The Mobile Market brings more food into Leslie’s house to help fill some of those gaps. She especially loves the fresh produce available at the Mobile Market, since her kids love fruits and veggies. One of their favorite snacks is ants on a log – celery with peanut butter and raisins.

As the sun beat down and the temperature rose, Leslie reflected on the added financial stress the summer would soon bring. Her kids won’t be able to eat school meals for three months, which means more mouths to feed at home. Other added costs during the summer, such as higher gas prices, don’t help. “The Mobile Market saves us in the summer. If it weren’t for this, my kids would go without.”

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