Feeding Hope: Joe's Story

Joe used to be the one selling food. Now, he visits his local food pantry to get food at no cost.

For many years, Joe was a store manager at two major grocery chains in Seattle. He worked his way up the management chain after dropping out of college due to his family’s financial situation.

Now 75 and retired, he lives on a fixed income and a small pension from his career in grocery retail. “I’m a pretty good money manager,” said Joe. “It’d be pretty tough without the food bank.”

Joe has been using the food pantry at Serve Spokane, which receives food from Second Harvest regularly, for a year and a half. He goes twice a month—the maximum allotted by Serve Spokane.

Food is his major expense. The groceries he brings home helps him and his wife stretch their budget. “The impact of the food bank is significant. We’re getting what we can really, really use,” he said.

Not only does Joe appreciate getting the essentials, but he loves the high quality of the food available at the food bank. Through Second Harvest’s Grocery Rescue program, Serve Spokane receives food from a nearby Trader Joe’s. Joe can then choose from the variety of colorful, nutritious produce and other food items that line Serve Spokane’s shelves—items that would otherwise be out of reach for him financially. “The brands of breads they carry are the very finest—low in preservatives and high in the good stuff.”

Healthy food has been especially important for Joe as he gets older—but he’s also seen how important it is for his neighbors and friends. “If you didn’t have the food bank, we’d have a different situation in all the communities I know.”

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