Feeding Hope: Jocelyn's Story

“One day at a time. We’re going to be okay.”

Jocelyn expressed hope for the future as she and her husband waited in line for a drive-thru Mobile Market distribution. This was their first time at a Mobile Market event.

Jocelyn’s hope didn’t come without concerns, though. An employee in the facilities department at a local university, she was worried she’d lose her job soon due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said the department was planning to lay off several people at the end of the month. A layoff would not only mean a dramatic decrease in family income but also loss of medical insurance. After a cancer diagnosis in 2017, Jocelyn still needs regular check-ups. Without insurance, she wasn’t sure she could continue to visit her doctor.

Even with her current job, Jocelyn was already concerned about her family’s finances. “When it comes to budget, it’s really tight,” she said. Increased food prices in grocery stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic made it harder to afford the food her family needs. “We have to think about what is really important and what are necessities.”

Still, Jocelyn had a positive attitude. Knowing that she could get food, especially produce, to cook meals for her family lifted her spirits. “Don’t lose hope. It’s not going to help us. In life, there’s ups and downs,” she said. She was grateful for everyone who supported the Mobile Market distribution for helping make this particular “down” time a little bit easier. “I’m very thankful for the people behind this. Thank you very much for being generous and having a big heart.”

You can help make sure people like Jocelyn have the food they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to find out more.