Feeding Hope: Enas' Story

Enas and her family came to the U.S. from Syria a year and a half ago. She’s still learning English, but she knows enough to check in at the front desk at Serve Spokane, her local food pantry and a Second Harvest partner agency.

Enas comes to Serve Spokane twice a month to get food for her family. With two children, ages 9 and 13, and a husband, there are four mouths to feed.

Enas’ husband cannot work due to severe illness, and she does not yet know enough English to find work herself. No income means no money for basic needs like food. The food she takes home from Serve Spokane helps her family get by day to day.

The menu for the house includes mostly Syrian dishes—with the occasional pizza. The food pantry has lots of fresh foods, which Enas appreciates, since fresh often means expensive. “I cook in my house, and we need a lot of vegetables, milk, bread, eggs. I find everything in here,” said Enas.

She named some of the ingredients common to Syrian dishes: tomato, potato, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, lemon—all items she has received from her food pantry.

Despite the language barrier, she’s managed to make connections with people at the food bank. A regular volunteer greeted her with a hug as she waited in line for the food pantry to open. “The people in here are nice,” said Enas.

When asked what she would say to people donating food to the food bank, her reply was simple but sincere. “Thank you for helping everyone.”

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