GIVE $50, GET $50

At the Numerica Great Grocery Gifting Event


Feed your family. Feed your community. That’s the heart behind the Great Grocery Gifting event organized by Numerica and Second Harvest.

  1. GIVE $50 to Second Harvest
  2. RECEIVE a $50 grocery gift card*
  3. PROVIDE 250 meals to those in need

*Grocery gift cards will be for Yoke’s Fresh Market at all events except for Wenatchee, where the gift cards will be for Grocery Outlet.

To participate, attend one of four simultaneous pop-up events held from 4-7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 8:

The funds raised during the Great Grocery Gifting event will help Second Harvest provide tens of thousands of free, nutritious meals to people in our communities. We hope to see you there!



How do I donate?

Cash and debit/credit card donations can be made at each pop-up event.

How do I receive a gift card?

To receive a gift card, donations must be made in person. Cards will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each event will last three hours or until all gift cards at that location have been distributed.

Can I get more than one gift card?

Yes! You will be given a gift card for each $50 donation you make to Second Harvest, and there’s no limit on the number of gift cards you can purchase. If someone donates more than $200 (worth more than four gift cards) we’ll try to ensure others waiting in line have a chance to donate before we accept the larger donation.

Can I donate before Sept. 8 and have a gift card mailed to me?

To receive a gift card, you’ll need to donate in person with cash or a debit/credit card. You’ll also have access to a QR code at each pop-up event that will take you to a donation page on Second Harvest’s webpage. If you choose to donate through the QR code, you’ll need to show a Numerica or Second Harvest volunteer visual proof through a confirmation page or email.

Can I donate food in exchange for a gift card?

Since funds are the most efficient way for Second Harvest to get food to where it’s most needed, we won’t be accepting food donations in exchange for a gift card. But there will be Second Harvest food donation bins on-site for those who want to donate food with no expectation of receiving a gift card! Second Harvest’s most needed food items can be found here.

I want to make a monetary donation, but I don’t need a grocery gift card. Can I donate my gift card back to Second Harvest?

Well, isn’t that thoughtful of you? If you want to donate but don’t want to receive a gift card, we’ll keep the card to pass along to someone else in exchange for a donation.

Can I get a receipt of my donation for tax purposes?

Thank you for participating in the Numerica Great Grocery Gifting to benefit Second Harvest. The fair market value of each grocery gift card you purchased is $50. Any donation made in addition to that amount is tax deductible. This serves as your receipt. Second Harvest is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a tax identification number of 23-7173826.

Why did Numerica choose to partner with Second Harvest?

A longtime partner of Numerica, Second Harvest is committed to building healthier communities by ensuring all people have access to the food they need to live a healthy life. The nonprofit brings together community resources to help people in need through empowerment, education, and partnerships.

Why did Numerica choose to hold this event now?

Even in the best of times, food insecurity affects many families in the communities we serve. With inflation at the highest it’s been in decades, many of our neighbors struggle to keep up with the rising costs of food, not to mention other vital resources. Access to nutritious meals is a vital part of living well.

Thank you for helping solve hunger in our community.

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