Food Industry


Fresh Produce

As the cost of produce has risen, fewer low-income households are eating enough nutritious fruits and vegetables. Instead, they stretch their resources to the limit by purchasing cheaper, highly processed, calorie- rich products. For more than a decade, Second Harvest has experienced a significant shift in donated food. Second Harvest once handled primarily nonperishable groceries, but today more than half of donated food is produce and other kinds of perishable food. Donated bulk loads of fresh produce from right here in the agriculturally rich Inland Northwest improve the nutrition and food security of people in need.

Grocery Rescue 

Through this initiative, Second Harvest and some of our partner agencies regularly pick up unmarketable but usable food (including fresh produce, dairy products and deli meats) from participating grocers. These food donations include inventory that is off-specification, mislabeled, near expiration or simply overstock.

If you would like to arrange a product donation or learn more about getting involved in any of these programs, contact Owen Esperas at (509) 252-6285 or

Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act

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