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What is Bite2Go?

Bite2Go is a partnership with At The Core aimed at finding a solution to childhood food insecurity. Second Harvest works closely with a growing number of community partners to fill the gap by providing Bite2Go food supplies over the weekend during the school year. Every Friday, staff members at participating schools put the packages of kid-friendly food discreetly in the backpacks of students in need to eat during the weekend.

What schools have Bite2Go?

We have active Bite2Go programs in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Cheney, Kennewick and Richland. We have recently expanded into Chelan county and hope to reach into more rural communities in the near future.

What is in a Bite2Go kit?

Bite2Go kits feature a number snacks requested by kids. Examples may include but are not limited to: pop tarts, pepperoni sticks, graham crackers, apple sauce, beef jerky, rice krispies treats, protein drinks, etc.

How can I volunteer with the Bite2Go program?

Volunteers can sign up to assist with Bite2Go prep and distribution here. Groups of generous volunteers meet several times a week to prepare and share the kid-friendly food with children in our community.

How does food get to the schools?

Groups in the community, labeled “adoptive organizations”, cover the cost of food for children in local elementary, middle and high schools who have been identified as in need by school staff. Kind donors pack the bags of food several times a times a week. The bags consist of nutritious, single-serving food items for over the weekend during the school year. Members from the adoptive organizations collect the finished bags and deliver them to their respective schools. Students receive their weekend food bags in their backpacks discretely from school staff members on Fridays.

How big is the Bite2Go program?

Nearly 150 schools in our service territory are serviced by the Bite2Go program, which provides weekend food to over 6,000 students. The Bite2Go program services elementary schools, while the Bite2Go XL program services middle and high schools. We are currently working to expand the reach of the programs to more rural areas in the service area.


Interested in becoming an adoptive organization?

For more information on how to become an adoptive organization email For Tri-Cities and the surrounding area, email

Where do I pick up my Bite2Go kits?

Bite2Go orders can be picked up at 402 North Perry Street, Spokane, WA 99202. Go to the front entrance of the building and ring the doorbell for service.

Questions about your Bite2Go order?

Please send any questions about your Bite2Go order, including rescheduling needs, to


What do I do if I'm having issues with my order?

Please email to arrange a correction of orders.

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