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We believe that every child has the right to access food as it is a key ingredient in their development. We envision a community where no child has to think of where their next meal will come from over the weekend. By closing the hunger gap, local schoolchildren are given the proper tools they need to be successful within and outside of the classroom.

It is the mission of At The Core to inspire, equip, and empower local churches, businesses, and organizations to successfully adopt schools in their community for the purpose of fighting childhood hunger and helping meet other needs of children. 

We do this by identifying local organizations of compassion: businesses, churches, and clubs, and empower them to adopt a school in their area. Adoptive organizations begin by providing Bite2Go weekend food support to children experiencing food insecurity.


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Tom Stevenson

President | At the Core

CPA extraordinaire and coffee addict Tom spearheads the At The Core team in their partnership with Second Harvest to feed dem kids.

Steve Durham

VP of Philanthropy | Second Harvest

A proper outdoorsman and former rugby star, Steve is part of the Second Harvest staff responsible for building-out the Bite2Go program.

Brenna Sloan

Program Developer | At the Core

Brenna is a karaoke star and a first alternate spice girl. Brenna is a Program Developer for At The Core and serves as a coach to equip community members to adopt schools and feed hungry kids!

Julie Myklebust,

Philanthropy Manager | Second Harvest

Program-executive extraordinaire, Julie brings her attention to detail to the Bite2Go program via Second Harvest’s staff. When she isn’t helping to feed local kids, she is thrift shopping with her daughter for hidden gems.

Kelsy Houser

Philanthropy Manager | Second Harvest

Anyone seen Kelsy and superwoman in the same room at the same time? Didn’t think so. Superwoman Kelsy oversees Second Harvest’s Bite2Go efforts in the Tri Cities.

Rachelle Goodbrake,

Philanthropy Associate | Second Harvest

Rachelle has been a part of the Bite2Go program for years and has helped elevate it through periods of transition. When Rachelle isn’t building out programs to feed kids she plays with photography or dreams of sunny island vacations with her beautiful family.

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