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For many, a daily meal is a simple choice of what to eat. But for nearly 1 in 8 people in our community, a daily meal poses a very different type of choice. It is often an impossible choice between food and other crucial needs, such as electricity, childcare or medicine. There is no luxury of what to eat. The choice is IF they eat. 

Food should not be an impossible choice. 

This September marks the kick-off for Hunger Action Month. Hunger Action Month is the Feeding America network’s annual nationwide campaign designed to inspire people to take action and raise awareness of hunger on both a local and national level. Second Harvest is a dedicated hunger relief partner of the Feeding America network, and we are asking you to take action during Hunger Action Month. 

Hunger Action Month is a time to come together to take action to end hunger. You can choose to donate, advocate, volunteer, or raise awareness.  


How will you choose to end hunger?  


Learn about hunger in your community Hunger & Poverty in the United States | Map the Meal Gap (  


Donate donate – 2nd Harvest (  

Fundraise host a fundraiser – 2nd Harvest (  

Sign the Pledge Campaign to End Hunger | Feeding America  

Volunteer volunteer – 2nd Harvest (  


Tell Congress: End Military Hunger Tell Congress: No U.S. service member should struggle to put food on the table! – Feeding America  

Fill the Plate: Tell Congress Why Hunger Matters Feeding America  


Nobody should be forced to choose between food and medicine, or food and electricity, or food and any other basic need. You have a choice. Choose to end hunger. 

We asked our friends at Gesa Credit Union,​ our Hunger Action Month sponsors, how they plan to take action this September and Gesa’s Community Relations Specialist, Rafael Saucedo said:

“To raise awareness about food insecurity and mobilize the public to take action, we’re inviting people to donate food, donate time, and donate money during Hunger Action Month. We will be doing this by: 

  • Collecting non-perishable food items at each of our branch locations all month long. 
  • Organizing team member volunteer days with Food Lifeline in Seattle and Second Harvest in Spokane and Pasco. At Gesa, we want to make sure that hands follow the dollars by being active participants in our communities. We encourage everyone to take some time to volunteer this month at Food Lifeline, Second Harvest, or a food pantry near you. 
  • Investing $50,000 that our partner organizations – Food Lifeline and Second Harvest – will leverage as matching challenges in order to generate awareness and raise additional funds. One dollar provides food for five meals, which means that even small contributions can make a difference.” 

Gesa is truly walking the walk with these outstanding steps they’re taking towards fighting local hunger. We’re so thankful to have this dedicated community partner join us in raising hunger awareness this month.  

If you’re interested in using Gesa’s gift match this month, click here 

And remember to tag us on social media so we can share and interact with your Hunger Action Month activities!  

How to Host a Fundraiser – September 22

How to Host a Fundraiser – September 22

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your birthday, company event or holiday? Hosting a fundraiser for Second Harvest is easy and makes an impact. You can raise funds online or host a food drive in person. We’ll give you the tools to get set up, share your event and start collecting. Every dollar donated makes a difference for neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

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Serving Those Who Serve Our Country – September 15

Serving Those Who Serve Our Country – September 15

Steve and his wife both retired from the Army, and he also spent time as a civil engineer in the Navy. His career has been a life of service to our country. Today, he is a member of the civilian workforce at Fairchild Air Force Base.

With economics the way they are today, Steve accesses Second Harvest Mobile Market free food distributions on base.

Naturally cheery, Steve manages a smile even when he explains “Times are hard.” Simultaneously, he proudly adds, “We have two kids, 13 and 14. They eat like crazy and are growing like mad.”

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Back to School with Bite2Go – September 8

Back to School with Bite2Go – September 8

Bite2Go is a weekend food program for students facing chronic food shortages at home. Bite2Go gives children access to a mix of nutritious, nonperishable and ready-to-eat meals and snacks for the weekend, helping kids return to school ready to learn on Mondays. At the heart of the program is the adoptive organization. Bite2Go relies on businesses, churches and civic groups to “adopt” a school, and through that engagement and funding model, provide students with food for the weekends through the school year.

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