After almost a year of helping Second Harvest respond to elevated need during the pandemicthe National Guard will demobilize from our Spokane hunger solution center at the end of March. 

As many as 60 Guard members have been on hand during a time when Second Harvest had to significantly reduce volunteerto keep people safe. Guard members had been deployed to our Pasco hunger solution center until December as wellGuard members tackled a variety of tasks  from driving forklifts and food delivery trucks to packing food boxes and staffing Mobile Market free food distributions. They also have supported other crucial planning and logistics needs. 

Second Harvest is immensely grateful for all the Guard members who stepped up in a big way to ensure there were no interruptions in service while our volunteer numbers were down. During normal times, Second Harvest relies heavily on volunteers – about 8,000 a year – to help get food to where it’s needed most. Today many of our dedicated volunteers are eager to return their numbers to prepandemic levels, which will be essential to meeting the need through the duration of the crisis and long into the recoverySecond Harvest is equipped to safely welcome back volunteers. 

Guard members truly have filled an urgent community need, and they have been critical to ensuring access to nutritious food during the crisis for people facing hunger. Thank you, Washington National Guard, for your service at Second Harvest! You can read more about the National Guard’s demobilization here. 


In response to the increased need for food assistance during the COVID-19 crisis, Second Harvest teamed up with community partners and volunteers for weekly food distributions at schools, churches and other locations in and around Spokane. Although this was the last week for these targeted distributions, we know they were a helpful resource for many families. We encourage anyone currently in need of food assistance to find a local food pantry here or check our Mobile Market schedule here. Second Harvest is grateful for the incredible people who stepped forward a year ago when we asked for help and made the special weekly food distributions possible. Thank you!

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Service to Country and Community – November 10

Service to Country and Community – November 10

The Bite2Go program rallies people from a diversity of backgrounds around the simple belief that no child should go hungry. Our donors and volunteers come from the business world, the faith community and a variety of civic groups and clubs; they range in age from 9 to 90.

As Nov. 11, Veterans Day, approaches, we’d like to take time to thank a special group — our veterans — and acknowledge the multiple ways they serve our program and our communities as they once served their nation.

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What My Internship Taught Me – November 3

What My Internship Taught Me – November 3

Food insecurity. It is a term we so often hear, but many of us never really understand because we are lucky.

We have never skipped a meal because we can’t afford one or questioned when we will eat again. But it’s a reality for thousands of our neighbors.

They have to make impossible choices about whether to buy medication, pay rent, keep the power on, and put gas in the car — or buy food for the week.

And while I knew that people around me were making these choices every day, I never understood it until working with Second Harvest.

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