A single mom trying to make ends meet, Jocelyn forgot about Thanksgiving during her last trip to the grocery store. After buying food for herself and her five-year old daughter, there wasn’t enough in her budget to purchase the ingredients for a holiday meal. That’s why she was very grateful to be able to get everything she needed at Tom’s Turkey Drive this year.

Without any family in town, Jocelyn works hard to balance taking care of her daughter and paying the bills on her own. “I don’t really have a support system,” she said. For Jocelyn, the COVID-19 crisis has made that balance even harder. She typically works as an animal nanny, but the pandemic has led to a significant drop in her income, as many people are home more or asking family members to watch their pets.


“Thank you for making the holiday hopeful and thankful – for everything that you do.”

The food Jocelyn received from Tom’s Turkey Drive would bring her not only nourishment this holiday but also joy, since she loves to cook for herself and her daughter. “I’m just looking forward to getting in the kitchen and doing some culinary goodness,” she shared.

As Jocelyn finished putting her Thanksgiving ingredients in her backpack to take home, she had a message for the many volunteers and donors who made Tom’s Turkey Drive possible: “Thank you for making the holiday hopeful and thankful – for everything that you do.”

Growing food partnerships – August 4

Growing food partnerships – August 4

You probably already know that Second Harvest distributes food to people facing hunger in Eastern Washington and North Idaho, but do you know how much food? What types of food or where do we get it? In fiscal year 2023, Second Harvest sourced over 32 million pounds of food, equating to close to 1,000 full semitrailers!

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