Feeding hope: Tom and wilma’s story – Temple Baptist church, August 27


Waiting in their car for a Mobile Market food distribution to begin, Tom and Wilma appeared to be in good spirits. They arrived over an hour early to beat the line of cars forming behind them in the parking lot. They’re happy to wait for the support the Mobile Market provides.

Ever since hearing about Second Harvest’s Mobile Market from a friend, Tom and Wilma have attended the food distributions near their home in Richland. “I think it’s an absolutely wonderful service. It really is. There’s an awful lot of people that really are in hard trouble these times,” said Tom. He’s not just excited that they are getting assistance with their groceries. He’s also happy to see people coming together to help each other through hard times. “These are things that help lots of people. It’s a great service.”

Wilma is grateful they’re getting fresh and healthy food. “I’m most happy to see the fresh produce. That’s what’s so expensive now. Of course, we’re retired and on a closed budget, so we really appreciate anything we get,” Wilma said. Since it’s only the two of them in their home, they’ll share what they can with neighbors, friends and family. She said, “Our neighbors are just most pleased when he shows up with a box of stuff.”

Tom and Wilma said they’ll continue attending distributions near their home. With everyone struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic they’ll keep sharing food with neighbors and telling others about the distributions. “It really makes a big difference,” Tom says. When he heard a group of volunteers laughing right before the distribution began, he said, “I’m happy that they’re happy.”

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What My Internship Taught Me – November 3

What My Internship Taught Me – November 3

Food insecurity. It is a term we so often hear, but many of us never really understand because we are lucky.

We have never skipped a meal because we can’t afford one or questioned when we will eat again. But it’s a reality for thousands of our neighbors.

They have to make impossible choices about whether to buy medication, pay rent, keep the power on, and put gas in the car — or buy food for the week.

And while I knew that people around me were making these choices every day, I never understood it until working with Second Harvest.

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Focus on College Hunger – October 20

Focus on College Hunger – October 20

While college campuses aren’t the first thing to cross our minds when we think of food insecurity, the reality is most colleges and universities have students that wrestle with getting enough healthy food. Making ends meet is becoming more difficult for today’s college students. To help fill the void, we have partnerships with several colleges and universities in our region, where students can get food from on-campus pantries and Mobile Markets.

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