Cooper Kupp, wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams and graduate of Davis High School in Yakima and Eastern Washington University, recently donated $21,000 to organizations fighting hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cooper’s very generous $7,000 gift to Second Harvest is providing food to children, families and seniors in need in local communities close to his heart, Yakima and Richland. 

“There is a battle going on to care for the people whose livelihood has been taken from them and their means of providing for their families stripped from them due to circumstances outside of their control. It’s a battle more than worthy of fighting for,” Cooper said. 

Thank you, Cooper, for giving back to your home community and helping get food to those who need it during this crisis! Read more about Cooper’s donation here. Also, congratulations to Cooper for recently landing on the NFL Top 100 players list for the first time in his career! 


“We have lost half of our income due to the pandemic. Childcare for our four kids and job prospects aren’t lining up yet. The Mobile Markets filled our kitchen. The peace of mind it brought, as well as healthy meals together, have been a huge blessing. I’m so grateful for the efforts by the volunteers and National Guard and for the healthy, fresh food we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to have right now. I’ve never once felt shamed for picking up food from these drive-up pantries. Thank you all so much.” -Linda, Spokane

 Photo by Kessin Drews

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Service to Country and Community – November 10

Service to Country and Community – November 10

The Bite2Go program rallies people from a diversity of backgrounds around the simple belief that no child should go hungry. Our donors and volunteers come from the business world, the faith community and a variety of civic groups and clubs; they range in age from 9 to 90.

As Nov. 11, Veterans Day, approaches, we’d like to take time to thank a special group — our veterans — and acknowledge the multiple ways they serve our program and our communities as they once served their nation.

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What My Internship Taught Me – November 3

What My Internship Taught Me – November 3

Food insecurity. It is a term we so often hear, but many of us never really understand because we are lucky.

We have never skipped a meal because we can’t afford one or questioned when we will eat again. But it’s a reality for thousands of our neighbors.

They have to make impossible choices about whether to buy medication, pay rent, keep the power on, and put gas in the car — or buy food for the week.

And while I knew that people around me were making these choices every day, I never understood it until working with Second Harvest.

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