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Life Center in Spokane will host a Mobile Market distribution today, June 26, at noon. Next week’s event locations include West Central Community Center in Spokane, Walmart in Spokane Valley, Finley Middle School in Kennewick and more. Click here for more details about these distributions and to see more scheduled events throughout the region.

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“There are so many things,” Renée said as she explained how COVID-19 has affected her and her husband’s financial situation. Being retired, living with no insurance and cooking for her mother twice a week has put a strain on Renée’s budget. This was her second time visiting a Mobile Market distribution. 

The food Renée received at the last distribution allowed her to provide food for her family during the pandemic, despite rising food prices. “Everything has gone up,” Renée explained. “It’s been helping me to get better meals.” 

In addition to providing meals to her mother, Renée also shared the food she received with her neighbors. “I have a lot of neighbors who have a lot of kids,” she said. “The extra stuff I get I share with them. You don’t want to waste anything.”  

Renée was grateful to everyone who gave their time and money to make events like this possible. “This is wonderful. Your money is going to a very good cause. People have to eat.” 

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Bite2Go Volunteer Spotlight: John – May 12

Bite2Go Volunteer Spotlight: John – May 12

The Bite2Go program is a collaboration of two Spokane nonprofits — Second Harvest and At The Core — and currently feeds nearly 10,000 kids from North Idaho to the east slope of the Cascades. The child hunger program matches up schools in need with adoptive organizations — churches, businesses and civic groups — that are able to fund the program.

Volunteers play a vital role when it comes time to transport Bite2Go kits from east central Spokane to some of the distant communities we serve; in some cases — Ellensburg, Chelan, George — the distance is well over 100 miles.

John Ammann is one of those volunteers who helps Bite2Go support kids across eastern and central Washington.

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