Many of you have asked how you can help volunteer during this time – thank you! 

To protect the health of our volunteers and staff, we have made changes to our warehouse volunteer program. We will have short session volunteer opportunities to help us repack food to distribute to people in need. This will enable us to reduce the number of volunteers at each shift, spread projects out and focus on essential projects at this time.

In an effort to ensure we follow social distancing and avoid large gatherings, we ask that only volunteers who have registered show up for a shift. We genuinely appreciate all support; however, we cannot accept drop-ins.

If you would like to sign up for one of our shorter shifts, please do so here. We will be offering up to six daily sorts that will help support our agencies and Mobile Market by packing bulk product and building emergency food boxes. Thank you for your support!

The health and safety of our volunteers, clients, partners, staff and entire community is paramount. In keeping with CDC guidance, we ask that adults 65 or older, people with serious underlying conditions or who are exhibiting symptoms of any illness, anyone who has traveled internationally, and/or is in any other high-risk group stay home at this time.

To sign up to receive our updates to COVID-19 via email, please click here.

Service to Country and Community – November 10

Service to Country and Community – November 10

The Bite2Go program rallies people from a diversity of backgrounds around the simple belief that no child should go hungry. Our donors and volunteers come from the business world, the faith community and a variety of civic groups and clubs; they range in age from 9 to 90.

As Nov. 11, Veterans Day, approaches, we’d like to take time to thank a special group — our veterans — and acknowledge the multiple ways they serve our program and our communities as they once served their nation.

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What My Internship Taught Me – November 3

What My Internship Taught Me – November 3

Food insecurity. It is a term we so often hear, but many of us never really understand because we are lucky.

We have never skipped a meal because we can’t afford one or questioned when we will eat again. But it’s a reality for thousands of our neighbors.

They have to make impossible choices about whether to buy medication, pay rent, keep the power on, and put gas in the car — or buy food for the week.

And while I knew that people around me were making these choices every day, I never understood it until working with Second Harvest.

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