“When I receive food, I have a personal feeling of absolute grace.”

Cindy said this as she stood in line for the Mobile Market in Richland, Washington. “I feel this immense sense of gratitude.”

Cindy is no stranger to serving others. She previously worked in in-home nursing palliative care—as a self-titled “palliative peer.” Her job was very rewarding, but it took a toll on her health. “I forgot to take care of myself in the process,” she said. Cindy is now working on getting healthy again so she can return to her work in palliative care.

“You need to heal yourself to be able to give, and having adequate nutrition is a part of my healing journey right now.”

“When I receive food, I have a personal feeling of absolute grace.”

The Mobile Market ensures that she has nutritious food throughout the summer. She especially appreciates the fresh produce and protein, as they can be hard to afford but are an important part of her healthy diet.

Stress also contributes to Cindy’s poor health, but the Mobile Market has helped alleviate some of it. “It gives me a reprieve from constantly figuring at how to get my basic needs met,” she said. Because of the money she saves on food at the Mobile Market, Cindy can afford gas to get to her doctors’ appointments.

“You never know how your gift of sustenance can impact the world around you,” said Cindy. “Every person makes a difference. Every person matters. Taking care of other people – you never know how that will impact the world around you. Every action you take can make a difference in someone’s life.”

Cindy is certainly grateful for the way people are making a difference in hers by providing her with food at no cost. “I get goosebumps coming here because it’s this sense of community—people coming together and meeting each other’s needs.”

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